Plumbing / Mechanical

Triad Mechanical Contractors specializes in all aspects of Plumbing and Mechanical piping and systems, most notably:

  • Chilled Water Systems including Cooling Towers and chiller systems
  • Geothermal systems and water source heat pump systems
  • Gas-powered Water heaters and Boilers
  • Full plumbing renovations, including working around live systems
  • Hot Taps and Shut downs
  • ADA bathroom upgrades and new construction
  • Gas Piping, including restaurant equipment and manifolds
  • High Pressure, Compressed Air and  Steam systems
  • Stainless, and Steel Pipe welding and Fabrication
  • PVC, Cast Iron DWV piping
  • Medical Gas and Copper pipe brazing
  • Specialized plumbing construction
  • Tamper proof plumbing situations including prisons and special medical buildings
  • Installing Back Flow preventers for main water supply into a building
  • Recirculating pumps and whole Mechanical Room Construction
  • Bathroom and Medical Fixture installations